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Previous Edition of the Business Game
20 may 2016 / Starling Hotel Lausanne / 2 Partners
Deloitte & Pictet

What is the Business Game

The Business Game is a free student competition created by the Junior Enterprise of HEC Lausanne. The third edition took place the 20th of May 2016 at the Starling Hotel Lausanne.
The 2016 event consisted in a one-day event organized around two separate study cases: a finance and a consulting one. During the day, the participants worked by groups of 4 in order to solve the case chosen and then presented it in front of an audience constituted by our partners and the other participants. Students from all over Switzerland came with the opportunity to get noticed by prestigious companies (discover our previous partners) while meeting the professional world by training on real-life cases.

Who we are

We are students of the HEC Lausanne and member of the Junior Enterprise. With more than 30 years of experience, active collaborations with nearly 300 companies and its membership to the European Network JADE, the Junior Entreprise HEC Lausanne (JEHEC) offers a wide panel of top-quality services to companies. Thanks to the diverse backgrounds of our students, the JEHEC can offer various prestations from financial and marketing studies to business plans with an optimal price-quality ratio.

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Our Goal

Aside from its main activity of services, the JEHEC organizes regular events for the student and professional community: it has been organizing a golf cup and editing a magazine for more than 20 years now. The Business Game is one of its most recent activities. It has been continuously improved and developed throughout the past years with the goal to become a key event in the swiss students’ landscape. 

Why register?

Stand Out

Get noticed by renowned companies in their respective field of consulting and banking. This is YOUR opportunity to stand out as your CV will land in the hands of recruiters. Whether it will be during the study case or the breaks, you will have time to network with our partners.

Learn and grow

The Business Game is not only a competition but an occasion for you to learn from practical cases. Use your theoretical and soft skills in order to best solve the cases, and learn from the expertise of our prestigious sponsors.

Connect with bright students

During one day, you will meet students with different backgrounds from all over Switzerland. You will exchange, negotiate and present your ideas in a challenging atmosphere while connecting with other talented participants.


In 2016, Junior Enterprise was honored and delighted to have Deloitte and Pictet, two leading companies in their respective field of consulting and banking, as partners. The expertise and excellence of these two firms added a high professional dimension to the event.


The Business Game would not exist without the very generous support of our sponsors. We would like to thank especially:

A big thanks to the HEC Career Center, and especially Mme. Marie-France Roger for her support throughout the organization part of the event. Her expertise in event planning has been undoubtedly, an asset for us.

We would like also to thank the Dean of the HEC Faculty, Prof. Jean-Philippe Bonardi and the Director of the Master of Finance: Prof. Michael Rockinger for encouraging us in developing this event in order to reach our goal of becoming the main Business Game of Suisse Romande.

The Event

The Business Game is a one day event during which approximately 80 students compete to solve the respective cases given by the partners. Throughout the day, there will be opportunities for them to stand out and get noticed by the partners, either formally during the study cases’ sessions or more casually during the coffee breaks and the cocktail. Whatever the case chosen by the students, they are mixed up during the presentations given by our partners in order to get an insight of the different career possibilities offered.

During the breaks, students have access to the booth of the Career Center from HEC Lausanne where they have the possibility to get their CV reviewed and receive advice from professionals.


The cases are discovered by the students on D-Day. This way, we make sure that all our participants start with the same degree of preparation. As a matter of fact, their performance will only be correlated with their understanding of the case, the solution they would bring and the degree of team working they would realize.

However we would like to make sure all our participants bring their laptops for the day of the event. Laptops will be needed in order to hand in the written part of the case as well as for an optional visual support for the final pitch.

Please note that the dress code is business formal.

Last but not least, we would like to emphasize that the event is completely free thanks to the generous contribution of our partners and sponsors.

The team

The organising committee of the Business Game 2017 is composed of Maxime Dépré, Famke Piedfort and Pierre-Louis Chappaz. We are members of the Junior Entreprise HEC Lausanne. If you need to contact us, please use the following email adresses: maxime.depre@jehec.ch, famke.piedfort@jehec.ch, pierre-louis.chappaz@jehec.ch.